Create Water (1st)

Dust Devil (2nd)

Fire Trap (2nd)

Flame Blade (2nd)

Heat Metal (2nd)

Produce Flame (2nd)

Flame Walk (3rd)

Meld Into Stone (3rd)

Protection From Fire (3rd)

Pyrotechnics (3rd)

Stone Shape (3rd)

Water Breathing (3rd)

Water Walk (3rd)

Lower Water (4th)

Produce Fire (4th)

Air Walk (5th)

Commune with Nature (5th)

Spike Stones (5th)

Transmute Rock to Mud (5th)

Wall of Fire (5th)

Conjure Fire Elemental (6th)

Fire Seeds (6th)

Part Water (6th)

Stone Tell (6th)

Transmute Water to Dust (6th)

Animate Rock (7th)

Chariot of Sustarre (7th)

Conjure Earth Elemental (7th)

Earthquake (7th)

Fire Storm (7th)

Transmute Metal to Wood (7th)

Wind Walk (7th)

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