Alarm (1st)

Cantrip (1st)

Magic Missile (1st)

Shield (1st)

Tenser's Floating Disc (1st)

Wall of Fog (1st)

Flaming Sphere (2nd)

Stinking Cloud (2nd)

Web (2nd)

Fireball (3rd)

Lightning Bolt (3rd)

Melf's Minute Meteors (3rd)

Dig (4th)

Fire Shield (4th)

Fire Trap (4th)

Ice Storm (4th)

Otiluke's Resilient Sphere (4th)

Shout (4th)

Wall of Fire (4th)

Wall of Ice (4th)

Bigby's Interposing Hand (5th)

Cloudkill (5th)

Cone of Cold (5th)

Dream (5th)

Leomund's Lamentable Belaborment (5th)

Sending (5th)

Wall of Force (5th)

Wall of Iron (5th)

Wall of Stone (5th)

Bigby's Forceful Hand (6th)

Chain Lightning (6th)

Contingency (6th)

Death Fog (6th)

Enchant an Item (6th)

Guards and Wards (6th)

Otiluke's Freezing Sphere (6th)

Tenser's Transformation (6th)

Bigby's Grasping Hand (7th)

Delayed Blast Fireball (7th)

Forcecage (7th)

Limited Wish (7th)

Mordenkainen's Sword (7th)

Bigby's Clenched Fist (8th)

Binding (8th)

Demand (8th)

Incendiary Cloud (8th)

Otiluke's Telekinetic Sphere (8th)

Astral Spell (9th)

Bigby's Crushing Hand (9th)

Energy Drain (9th)

Meteor Swarm (9th)

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