Armor (1st)

Cantrip (1st)

Find Familiar (1st)

Grease (1st)

Mount (1st)

Unseen Servant (1st)

Glitterdust (2nd)

Melf's Acid Arrow (2nd)

Summon Swarm (2nd)

Flame Arrow (3rd)

Monster Summoning I (3rd)

Phantom Steed (3rd)

Sepia Snake Sigil (3rd)

Evard's Black Tentacles (4th)

Monster Summoning II (4th)

Conjure Elemental (5th)

Leomund's Secret Chest (5th)

Monster Summoning III (5th)

Mordenkainen's Faithful Hound (5th)

Summon Shadow (5th)

Conjure Animals (6th)

Ensnarement (6th)

Invisible Stalker (6th)

Monster Summoning IV (6th)

Drawmij's Instant Summons (7th)

Limited Wish (7th)

Monster Summoning V (7th)

Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion (7th)

Power Word, Stun (7th)

Prismatic Spray (7th)

Maze (8th)

Monster Summoning VI (8th)

Power Word, Blind (8th)

Prismatic Wall (8th)

Symbol (8th)

Trap the Soul (8th)

Gate (9th)

Monster Summoning VII (9th)

Power Word, Kill (9th)

Prismatic Sphere (9th)

Wish (9th)

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