Appendix 5:

Wizard Spells by School

(See also
Wizard Spells by School, Tome of Magic)


Alarm (1st)

Cantrip (1st)

Protection From Evil (1st)

Protection From Cantrips (2nd)

Dispel Magic (3rd)

Non-Detection (3rd)

Protection From Evil, 10-foot Radius (3rd)

Protection From Normal Missiles (3rd)

Fire Trap (4th)

Minor Globe of Invulnerability (4th)

Remove Curse (4th)

Avoidance (5th)

Dismissal (5th)

Anti-Magic Shell (6th)

Globe of Invulnerability (6th)

Repulsion (6th)

Banishment (7th)

Sequester (7th)

Spell Turning (7th)

Mind Blank (8th)

Serten's Spell Immunity (8th)

Imprisonment (9th)

Prismatic Sphere (9th)

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