Granted Powers

Another aspect of a specific mythos is the special powers available to its priests. The cleric's granted power is the ability to turn undead. This ability, however, is not common to all priests. Other deities grant powers in accordance with their spheres. If your DM is using a specific mythos, he must decide what power is granted to your priest. Some possible suggestions are given below.

*Incite Berserker Rage, adding a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls (War).

*Soothing Word, able to remove fear and influence hostile reactions (Peace, Mercy, Healing).

*Charm or Fascination, which could act as a suggestion spell (Love, Beauty, Art).

*Inspire Fear, radiating an aura of fear similar to the fear spell (Death).

These are only a few of the granted powers that might be available to a character. As with allowed weapons, much depends on the culture of the region and the tales and legends surrounding the Power and its priests.

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