The warrior group encompasses the character classes of heroes who make their way in the world primarily by skill at arms: fighters, paladins, and rangers.

Warriors are allowed to use any weapon. They can wear any type of armor. Warriors get 1 to 10 (1d10) hit points per level and can gain a special Constitution hit point bonus that is available only to warriors.

The disadvantage warriors have is that they are restricted in their selection of magical items and spells.

All warriors use
Table 14 to determine their advancement in level as they earn experience points.

All warriors gain one 10-sided hit die per level from 1st through 9th. After 9th level, warriors gain just 3 hit points per level and they no longer gain additional hit point bonuses for high Constitution scores.

All warriors gain the ability to make more than one melee attack per round as they rise in level.
Table 15 shows how many melee attacks fighters, paladins, and rangers can make per round, as a function of their levels.

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