Racial languages for demihumans can be handled in either of two ways, depending on whether or not your DM uses the optional proficiency system. Either way, your character automatically knows his native language.

Without the proficiency system, your character starts adventuring already knowing a number of additional languages (the number depends on his Int score, see
Table 4). The additional languages must be chosen from among those listed in his race's description.

If you use the proficiency system, your character receives additional languages by using proficiency slots (see
Chapter 5: Proficiencies) to determine how many languages he knows when he starts adventuring (his native language does not cost a slot). Demihumans must choose these languages from among those listed in the following racial descriptions.

Human PCs generally start the game knowing only their regional language--the language they grew up speaking. The DM may decide to allow beginning PCs additional languages (up to their Int score limit or proficiency slot limit), if he feels the PCs had the opportunity to learn these as they grew up. Otherwise, human PCs may learn additional languages as they adventure.

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