Coming from the D&D® Game

If you are switching to the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game from the Dungeons & Dragons® game, you have some special adaptations to make. You know everything you need to about role-playing, but you will need to adjust to doing certain things different ways.

Much of the jargon of the two games is very similar. Don't let this mislead you into thinking that they are the same game. There are many subtle differences (along with some obvious ones), and you will need to read the rules in this book carefully to catch them all.

Pay special attention to the chapters on PC
races and classes, alignment, weapons and armor, and spell descriptions. The terminology of both games is quite similar, sometimes identical, when discussing these rules. These similarities often hide important differences between the way the rules work or how the numbers line up.

Overall, it is best to approach the AD&D game as if it is a completely new game and be pleasantly surprised when you find overlapping concepts. Don't make the mistake of assuming that a rule, item, or spell with the same name in both games works the same way in both games.

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