How the Rule Books are Organized

The AD&D game rule books are intended primarily as reference books. They are designed so any specific rule can be found quickly and easily during a game.

Everything a player needs to know is in the Player's Handbook. That's not to say that all the rules are in this book. But every rule that a player needs to know in order to play the game is in this book.

A few rules have been reserved for the Dungeon Master® Guide (DMG). These either cover situations that very seldom arise or give the Dungeon Master (DM) information that players should not have beforehand. Everything else in the DMG is information that only the Dungeon Master needs. If the DM feels that players need to know something that is explained in the DMG, he will tell them.

Like the DMG, the Monstrous Manual™ supplement is the province of the DM. This gives complete and detailed information about the monsters, people, and other creatures inhabiting the AD&D world. Some DMs don't mind if players read this information, but the game is more fun if players don't know everything about their foes -- it heightens the sense of discovery and danger of the unknown.

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