Magical Weapons

Magical weapons normally apply their bonuses (+1, +2, +3, or +4) to both attack and damage rolls. Any weapon that is not totally self-explanatory is detailed in one of the special paragraphs below.

Most weapons are of the specific type listed. However, 70% of swords are long swords, 20% are scimitars or broad swords, 5% are short (small) swords, 4% are bastard swords, and 1% are two-handed swords, unless the description of a specific item indicates otherwise. Magical polearms can be of any type desired. Magical lances are always heavy lances. Other unusual weapons may have special restrictions given in the description of the item.

Spears can be used as hand or missile weapons. As missile weapons, they can be broken by any creature with 18/00 or greater Strength or by one that is massive (cave bear, hippo, or rhino, for example). Intelligent creatures will be 70% likely to use the hurled spear against the hurler if struck by the weapon, 25% likely to break it (the spear must save versus crushing blow). Unintelligent creatures will be 25% likely to break it (save as above).

Hand Axes (not battle-axes) can be thrown up to 30 yards and still gain any magical attack roll bonus, but no damage bonus.

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