Combining Potions

The magical mixtures and compounds that make up potions are not always compatible. The compatibility of potions is tested whenever two potions are actually intermingled, or a potion is consumed by a creature while another such liquid, already consumed, is in effect.

Permanent potions have an effective duration of one turn for mixing purposes. If you drink another potion within one turn of drinking one with Permanent duration, check on
Table 111 . The exact effects of combining potions can't be calculated, because of differences in formulae, fabrication methods, and component quality employed by various mages. Therefore, it is suggested that Table 111 be used, with the following exceptions:

1. A delusion potion will mix with anything.

2. A treasure finding potion will always yield a lethal poison.

Secretly roll 1d100 for potion compatibility, giving no clues until necessary. The effects of combining specific potions can be pre-set as a plot device, at your option.

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