Walk-On NPCs

There are several shortcut methods that can be used when role-playing NPCs who only have brief appearancesóthe "walk-ons'' and "cameos'' of a role-playing adventure.

Character Traits: The DM can choose some particular character traitócowardice, greed, optimism, precision, or whateveróand exaggerate it, take it to an extreme. This is most effective for creating comical (or frustrating) situations.

Physical Traits: A particular physical traitóbaldness, pot-bellied, bad teeth, wheezy, and moreócan be stressed. This helps fix the appearance of the NPC in the players' minds, especially useful if the characters must describe or find the NPC again.

Habits: Like physical traits, simple habitsóscratches his head, tugs on his beard, stares at the sky when talking, or mumblesócan be used. The DM can actually act out these simple habits at the table, adding a visual element to the role-playing experience.

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