Convincing the NPC to Help

Assuming the player characters know of a capable spellcaster, there is still the problem of convincing the NPC to cast the desired spell. Often the NPC won't even have the spell ready when the characters need it. After all, it isn't every day a cleric needs to cast a raise dead spell. He will need a day just to rest and memorize the desired spell.

Religious Differences: The faith of the player characters and the ethos of the NPC's religion may pose an even greater problem than spell availability. It is quite possible for a cleric to refuse to cast a spell to aid an "unbeliever,'' "heathen,'' or "heretic.'' Some may agree, but only at the cost of a donation, service, or conversion. A rare few accept any and all without passing any judgment. In general, it is best to seek the services of a like-minded cleric than to go to a stranger.

Money: For some clerical spellcasters and most nonclerical types, spellcasting is more a matter of finances than philosophies. If the characters find a capable spellcaster, they must be prepared to pay (and pay dearly) for his services. For a desperately needed service, the NPC knows he has the player characters over a barrel and will bargain accordingly.

Table 69 gives some idea of the costs for different spells. These costs are not set, by any means, and can be raised (but seldom lowered) for a variety of reasons.

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