Henchman Bookkeeping

As the henchman is played, it is the player's responsibility to keep track of any information about the henchman that isn't kept secret. Not only does this make running the game a small bit easier for the DM, it forces the player to pay attention to his henchman.

Among the things a player should keep track of is a henchman's experience point total. Henchmen do earn experience points from adventures and can advance in level. However, since they are not full player characters, they only earn half the experience a character would normally get.

They also expect their fair share of treasure and magical items discovered—more, if they took a significant risk. They expect the same care and attention the player character receives when they are injured or killed. Indeed it is possible for a forsaken henchman to return as a vengeful spirit to wreak havoc on those who abandoned him!

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