Random Encounters

In addition to planned encounters, the DM also runs random encounters. These aren't tied to a specific place or event. They are based on chance.

During the course of an adventure, the DM makes encounter checks, rolling a die to determine if a random encounter occurs. If one does, the DM chooses or randomly rolls for an encounter using a random encounter table he has prepared or one provided with a published adventure. Complete random encounter tables are provided in the Monstrous Compendium. These can be updated and replaced as new creatures are added to the 2nd Edition AD&D game.

When a check indicates an encounter is imminent, a creature or NPC determined by the encounter tables will arrive in the area in the next few minutes to investigate. Many encounters end in combat, but this isn't necessary—it is possible to talk to intelligent creatures, whether in the dungeon, out in the wilderness, or on the streets of a town or city.

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