Table 34:

Individual Class Awards


Per Hit Die of creature defeated
10 XP/level


Per successful use of a granted power
100 XP
Spells cast to further ethos
100 XP/spell level*
Making potion or scroll
XP value
Making permanent magical item
XP value


Spells cast to overcome foes or problems
50 XP/spell level
Spells successfully researched
500 XP/spell level
Making potion or scroll
XP value
Making permanent magical item
XP value


Per successful use of a special ability
200 XP
Per gold piece value of treasure obtained
2 XP
Per Hit Die of creatures defeated (bard only)
5 XP

* The priest character gains experience for those spells which, when cast, support the beliefs and attitudes of his mythos. Thus, a priest of a woodland deity would not gain experience for using an entangle spell to trap a group of orcs who were attacking his party, since this has little to do with the woodlands. If the priest were to use the same spell to trap the same orcs just as they were attempting to set fire to the forest, the character would gain the bonus.

When awarding individual experience points, be sure the use warrants the award. Make it clear to players that awards only will be given for the significant use of an ability or spell. "Significant use" is defined by a combination of several different factors. First, there must be an obvious reason to use the ability. A thief who simply climbs every wall he sees, hoping to gain the experience award, does not meet this standard.

Second, there must be significant danger. No character should get experience for using his powers on a helpless victim. A fighter does not gain experience for clubbing a shackled orc. A mage does not gain experience for casting a house-cleaning cantrip. A thief does gain experience for opening the lock on a merchant's counting house, since it might be trapped or magical alarms might be triggered.

Third, experience points should not be awarded when a player is being abusive to others in the group or attempting to use his abilities at the expense of others. Player characters should cooperate to succeed.

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