Character Survival

Although having a character live from game session to game session is a reward in itself, a player should also receive experience points when his character survives. Since there are many ways to bring a dead character back into the game, the threat of death, while present, loses some of its sting. Players should be encouraged to try to keep their characters alive, instead of relying on resurrections and wishes. To this end, a small reward for making it through a game session is useful. It is a direct way of telling a player that he played well.

The amount given for survival should be balanced against what happened during the adventure. Player characters who survived because they did nothing dangerous or who have so many powers and hit points that they're nearly invulnerable do not deserve as many experience points as the character who survived sure death through the use of his wits. Likewise, characters who survived by sheer luck deserve less than those who survived because of sound strategy and tactics.

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