Horse Traits (Optional Rule)

Each horse has one or two traits that define its "personality." In poor quality horses, these traits are generally undesirable, but even good horses can have unpleasant quirks. For each horse, determine the traits on
Table 26 , using the column appropriate to the quality of the horse. It is strongly recommended that you select the trait rather than rolling randomly, since these traits can really enhance the humor and color of your campaign.

Biters tend to take nips at their riders or those leading them, an uncomfortable but not dangerous habit. Kickers never seem to lash out on command, but only when a character doesn't want it to happen. The best idea is not to follow a kicker too closely. Fence-chewers are similar to biters except that they seem to have a taste for wood instead of their rider. While fence-chewing may be caused by a bad diet, it's a hard habit to break.

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