Dealing with Dissatisfied Players

All of the above notwithstanding, you don't want to force a player to accept a character he doesn't really like. All you will do is lose a player. If someone really is dissatisfied, either make some adjustments to the character or let him roll up a new one.

When adjusting ability scores, follow these guidelines:

Don't adjust an ability score above the minimum required to qualify for a particular class or race. You are being kind enough already without giving away 10 percent experience bonuses.

Don't adjust an ability score above 15. Only two classes have ability minimums higher than 15: paladins and illusionists. Only very special characters can become paladins and illusionists. If you give these classes away, they lose their charm.

Don't adjust an ability score that isn't required for the race or class the player wants his character to be.

Think twice before raising an ability score to let a character into an optional class if he already qualifies for the standard class in that group. For example, if Kirizov has the scores he needs to be a half-elf fighter, does he really need to be a half-elf ranger? Encourage the player to develop a character who always wanted to be a ranger but just never got the chance, or who fancies himself a ranger but is allergic to trees. Encourage role-playing!

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